Welcome to Canna Healthcare

Canna Healthcare was founded in August 2017 by Lee Hutton.
Lee has spent over a decade researching the facts on Cannabis, it’s genetics and health benefits.
Fast forward to August 2023 and we now have our own wellness brand ‘Cannahelp’.
Focusing heavily on the benefits CBG also has to offer, Cannahelp have a great range of supplements for most ailments and are available in our online store in the menu.

At Canna Healthcare We believe
Education is key to understanding Cannabis….

Cannabis is the key to good health.

Feel free to browse the categories on this page for more information or to gain access to our store.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are based near Belfast, Northern Ireland and provide 24hr delivery all over the UK.

Since 2017 we are the only company to provide a Free call out consultation within a 40 mile radius of Belfast.

We can also advise and direct clients towards medicinal Cannabis.
Interesting fact: medicinal Cannabis has been legal in the UK since 2018.

Our Consultant is qualified with a Diploma in Medical Cannabis and CBD oil.
Lee also has a podcast available with a wealth of knowledge on the subject
‘Cannachat’ podcast is available on youtube and most streaming platforms

CannaChat Podcast