Client Reviews

I have used many cbd products lately to help with my anxiety and medical issues but the best by a mile is the improve ur day and sleep sprays. As a woman of a certain age I’m dealing with the perimenopause and the symptoms that come with it and I’ve honestly seen a definate change in my moods since using the daytime spray. After talking to Lee about my symptoms and how I’m feeling he gave me great advice about his products and we talked about the benefits of a blend of cbd and cbg on my complete health not just the menopause. I found him to b honest and very knowledgeable about his products and that made me feel very comfortable using his sprays. I’m looking forward to see what else he comes up with in the future and how I can encompasses it into my lifestyle. I’m a true convert into using cbd now and it’s thanks to him and his professionalism.
Pauline Hannan.

I was directed to Lee via a friend and I’m so thankful to have been connected with him. His knowledge of the plant is above anyone I’ve ever spoken to, down to every single cannabinoid and terpene. He is so kind and has so much time to help. I have anxiety when it comes to phone calls but he makes it so easy and simple. He genuinely wants to help and connect this amazing plant with people. His CBG/D is helping me combat awful chronic pain and helping me have an appetite to eat, also helping my mood and making me feel like I’m returning to myself a bit more after feeling totally lost of myself over the last year or so. I couldn’t be without it or without him. He’s a very special person and I can honestly say he is life changing.
Nenah Falsone.

Hands down the best CBD products I’ve tried and I have tried a lot. The dedication and time that’s gone into the whole range is unrivalled. Canna Healthcare take the time to research every product, I’m lucky to have tried some of the samples before release. Lee’s knowledge of cannabinoids and terpenes is beyond that of any person I know. 5 stars. I’d give 6 if it was possible.
Can’t recommend the day and night sprays enough!!! They are life changing.
Andy Lake.

Having used many different CBD brands over the years I keep coming back here. The day time spray helps give me focus during the day and helps my anxiety levels a lot but my favourite product is the Night time spray , I find it reduces my nighttime pains and helps me fall and stay asleep. I have my whole family using these products and they have all had great relief from it. Will continue to use. The team are very helpful and knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions and offer advice. Also much tastier than other oils I have tried.
Stephanie Hopkins.

I started using improve your day in December for anxiety. This product is amazing, I feel so much calmer since I started using it, my mind is clearer and I can get on with daily activities that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with before. I also have MS and find this very good for any pains. Highly recommend.
Cathy Duff.

Canna health has a good variety of products to suit everyone’s needs. Lee came out to my house to explain all about them which made it easier to choose the right ones for me.
He has a great knowledge and genuinely cared about my health more than the money.
I take the good vibes, great day one, and noticed it gave me more energy throughout the day and made me feel great.
I also take the rest easy one for night and it really improved my sleep and anxiety levels. Lastly I use the Cbd balm and it has significantly helped my back pain. I definitely recommend these products and if you’re not sure then ask Lee for some information as he has a wealth of knowledge. I’ve tried many different products over the years but these are the best and most effective. I suffer from an auto immune disease and I’d definitely rather take these than all the pain relief medication. 👍🤩.
Emma James.

Was a bit unsure about how good this product would be but i was pleased to find it worked so good for my partner who has long standing injury and Lee was so helpful and very understanding as to what we needed highly reccommend Lee and this product cbd spray.
Angela Kane.

If you have thought about using CBD oil this product is the best quality one around . Lee is a fountain of knowledge about his product he will give you 100% faith in what you are taking and the benefits you can experience.
I was suffering with eczema and had little help from the doctors with little/no results with the usual creams they suggested . I contacted Lee and within a few weeks of taking the spray oil 4% I was experiencing less itching and my hands were healing up ! Amazing !
Natasha Bennett.