How To Consume CBD

You can take CBD oil by swallowing it, by absorption through the mucus membranes in your mouth, by inhaling it, by absorption through the skin or by suppository.
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, each is more or less efficient at getting CBD into your bloodstream. There’s also a large element of personal choice and it depends on the reason you’re using CBD.

The most obvious method is a few drops of highly concentrated oil in your mouth. The best way is under your tongue and hold it there for as long as you can. That way at least some of it will be absorbed through your mucus membranes directly into your bloodstream. When you swallow what’s left it will pass through your gastrointestinal system and into your liver. Studies show that as little as 6% of what you ingest orally will actually end up in your bloodstream but this is much the same for any substance that is metabolised through your liver. So those few seconds holding the oil in your mouth may significantly increase this. Other studies show that taking CBD oil along with high quality olive oil, rapeseed oil or hempseed oil may improve absorption. Adding CBD oil to the fat you use in baking may also help more of it get through to your bloodstream.
For many people the most convenient method of all will be taking CBD in capsules just like vitamin or mineral supplements.

Remarkably, inhaling CBD by vapourising it, using an e-cig liquid or ‘dabbing’ CBD crystals
is probably the most efficient method of ingestion.

Studies suggest that 18% to 30% of inhaled CBD will be absorbed
through the lungs into the bloodstream. Research suggests that the
beneficial effects of CBD take place more quickly when inhaled but may last for a shorter period of time. When swallowed the effect takes longer but also lasts for a longer period.
CBD creams or body salves can be rubbed into the skin and absorbed
directly into the small capillary blood vessels. Some people using CBD
as a supplement to help with aches and pains find this directly targets the area of their body that is affected.
CBD suppositories can also be an efficient means of absorption, particularly for those who are using it as a supplement to help with digestion.
Absorption via a suppository avoids most of the CBD going through the liver and may mean twice as much gets into your bloodstream as when swallowing it.